Making light work of heavy footfall, you can rely on Urban for a solid deck for years to come. Tough and long-lasting, our resilient decking is perfectly placed in hotels, bars and restaurants as well as outside any home.

Easy upkeep

Our simple fixing packs make your deck quick and easy to install, while its low maintenance surface gives you more time to enjoy it. Because Spring should be about buying the burger buns, not staining the decking.

Made in Britain

As with all good British things (socks with sandals, hosepipe bans, dodgy tan lines) our composite decking is made and managed right here in Britain. Our UK-based aftercare team and 20-year warranty makes Urban a cost-effective and reliable solution to your outdoors.

We don’t let spilt rosé, muddy paws and intermittent rain storms spoil our fun – or our decking. Stain-resistant, stress-free and barefoot-friendly: it’s time to worry less about sanding or sealing and more about slapping on the After Sun.

Stain Resistant

Urban decking’s embossed wood-grain surface is stain-proof. So, Ken from next door won’t get a chance to take over the hot dogs while you’re busy scrubbing out the wine stain. We guarantee you’ll always be King of the Grill.

Core strength

Urban’s solid core and specially formulated capping hit the jackpot when it comes to high-performance, peace-of-mind decking. For both high footfall areas and commercial applications, our boards can be relied on for core strength - without the sit-ups.

Plan your Project

Ready to build your deck of dreams? Whether you’re just starting your project or are ready to purchase, we have all the options you need.

What is the best decking for you?

Can’t decide between Habitat+ or Urban decking? Discover more about our different ranges in our fantastic brochure.

Get a feel for our decking for yourself.

See our decking colours under sunny (or cloudy) skies and give your hands - and feet - a feel for our wood-grain surfaces by getting your hands on a sample box.

Calculate how much decking you'll need.

Not entirely sure how many boards you’ll need to create your deck? Simply pop the details of the space you want to deck into our nifty little calculator.

Urban Decking in action

Discover commercial and residential applications of our Urban decking doing what it does best - creating good-looking, low-maintenance, solid foundations.

Discover all the juicy details of Urban composite decking. From how to correctly install it and how to keep it looking top-notch.

Or how about this guy?

Habitat +


Dual-sided with a HDPE capped coat, Habitat+ composite decking is as strong as it is attractive. Who said you can’t have the best of both worlds?

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