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What is composite decking?

Alchemy composite decking is a new form of deck boards made from a highly engineered mix of wood fibre, recycled plastic and specific binding agents - when combined these materials create a product that is denser, stronger and longer lasting than traditional wood decking.

Alchemy is made at our bespoke UK manufacturing site in Telford, the recycled plastics are heated and mixed with the wood flour, colour pigments and the bonding agents are added before heat and pressure are applied to extrude the mixture into deck board shapes, heat rollers then emboss the woodgrain effect onto the deck boards before cooling and cutting to size.

How do I fit a composite deck?

As it is a slightly different material composite decking is installed slightly differently to traditional timber decking, full details on how to correctly install an Alchemy deck can be found in our installation guide.

Who can install a composite deck?

All good deck-fitters should be able to install an Alchemy deck by following the simple instructions provided in our installation guide.

How do I maintain a composite deck?

Easily, an Alchemy deck is famously low maintenance, a quick sweep of any dead leaves and a wash down with a hose when required is all you need to do to keep your decking looking pristine. More information on how to properly care for your Alchemy deck can be found in our care guide.

What is the best composite decking?

Choosing your perfect Alchemy deck depends entirely on your needs, our Habitat decking has been designed to be used in typical residential settings, such as your back garden – whereas our Urban decking range has been specifically designed to be used in commercial settings such as shopping centres or hospitals, but it is also perfect for those residential areas where footfall may be particularly high.

How much does composite decking cost?

Your local merchant will be able to provide a price for your specific requirements, you can find your local Alchemy stockist by entering your postcode here.

How long do composite decks last?

While all composite decks are different, and their longevity can depend on various factors such as environment etc. We expect a properly installed Alchemy deck (see fitting instructions for info) to last for many years, we’re so confident all our Alchemy Habitat decks come with a 10-year minimum UK based warranty, while Habitat+ is protected by our 15-year and Urban with our 20-year warranty.

Is a composite deck worth the money?

Although composite decking may seem initially more expensive than traditional timber decking, when maintenance costs are factored in such as staining and sanding, composite decking can actually save time and money.

Is composite decking slippery?

As micro-organisms don’t grow as easily on an Alchemy deck as they do on a wooden one it is significantly less slippy than a traditional deck. Our Habitat decking was awarded a ‘low’ slip rating in dry settings and ‘moderate’ in wet. However as with any natural product (Alchemy decking uses natural wood fibres), Alchemy isn’t completely slip proof.

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