Our capped composite fencing is the perfect marriage between timber and polymer. A special blend of wood flour and recycled plastics that gives you the best bits from both worlds, capped in a durable layer of HDPE.

Low maintenance

No sanding, staining, sealing or painting to eat into your me-time. A gentle bi-annual scrub down should do the trick.

Easy to install

Our fencing boards are lightweight yet robust, ensuring they can withstand great British weather. The boards are consistently sized and easily installed with a simple stacking method.

We've poured decades of knowledge, research, and experience into crafting each Horizon Fencing product.

Family Friendly

With no splinters, cracks, or chips, and a surface that's mould and mildew free, you have one less "don't touch!" rule to enforce.

Quality Guaranteed

Triple your peace of mind with three quality badges: 20-year UK-Warranty, Made in Britain, and FSC® certified.

Plan your Project

Are you looking to improve your Garden? Whether you’re just starting your project or are ready to purchase, we have all the options you need.

What is the best fencing for you?

Can’t decide between our three stunning colours? Discover more about our range in our new brochure.

Get a feel for our fencing for yourself.

See our fencing colours under sunny (or cloudy) skies and give your hands a feel for our brushed surfaces by getting your hands on a sample box.

Horizon Fencing in action

Here's our Horizon fencing doing what it does best - creating a solid foundation to maximise outdoor enjoyment.

Discover all the juicy details of Horizon composite fencing. From how to correctly install it and how to keep it looking top-notch.

Or how about this guy?

Habitat +


Dual-sided with a HDPE capped coat, Habitat+ composite decking is as strong as it is attractive. Who said you can’t have the best of both worlds?

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